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    Turkish Fouta Bath Towels (Set of 2)

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    Our Mediterranean-inspired Fouta towels are made from 100% long-staple Turkish cotton. Lightweight, absorbent and super soft, the set includes two bath sheets featuring a flat weave front and soft, terry back. Perfect for after a bath (or even the beach) move from these to our Luxe Turkish Cotton Bath Robe and experience a luxurious feeling every morning and evening.

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    • Made from 100% premium, long-staple Turkish cotton
    • Set includes two 40" x 70" luxurious, bath sheets
    • Pairs perfectly with our luxurious Luxe Turkish cotton Bath Robe
    • Made with care in Turkey
    • OEKO-TEX® 100 certified free of harmful chemicals
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    1. Why are Turkish towels so good?

    First up, what’s so special about Turkish towel sets? Turkish towels are soft, absorbent and durable – and best of all, fast drying. Here’s why. Cotton comes in many different weights. The well-known Egyptian cotton is highly absorbent. It makes for a very plush feel, but can take a little too long to dry, especially if your bathroom doesn’t get a lot of light and ventilation. The difference between Egyptian and Turkish cotton is that Turkish, while also feeling very plush absorbs slightly less moisture. It has the perfect level of absorbency to get you dry, but not so much that the towel stays wet and starts to smell of mildew.

    2. How long will Turkish towels last?

    If, like us, you’re obsessed with having hotel-quality towels, then Turkish cotton is a great choice for two reasons. Turkish cotton has an exceptionally soft feel due to the long-staple fiber. It’s the exact level of luxe you’re looking for when stepping out of the shower. And secondly, your Turkish towel set will stay that way for many years and washes. Turkish towels are known for their durability. So, when it comes to recreating the hotel vibe in your bathroom, Turkish towels are totally worth it – they’re both luxurious and great value for money, as they last a lifetime.

    3. Do Turkish towels get softer over time?

    One of the greatest things about Turkish towels is that due to their premium quality they become fluffier and softer with every wash. To keep your Turkish towels looking and feeling great, we recommend machine wash on cold with similar colors. And once a month we add a cup of vinegar to the wash to remove soapy build-up and restore softness.

    4. Can I put my Turkish towels in the dryer?

    Turkish cotton towels are delivered unwashed and will shrink an inch or so in their first wash. Don’t worry – our extra large design has accounted for this. As for the dryer, yes definitely. But please use a low heat setting. We recommend alternating between air drying and using the machine.

    5. Are Turkish towels worth it?

    Turkish towels offer incredible value for money. Ours are made from long-lasting GOTS-certified cotton, and should give you years of use and enjoyment. And at 50-75% less than anywhere else, Quince Turkish towel sets are definitely a smart buy.