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Our Factories

The best specialist factories globally: we scour the planet to find the beating heart of Quince, and we search the world for the best of the best for our partnerships.

how we choose our factories

Our Factories Produce For Well-Known Luxury Brands

We revised every part of a traditional retailer's playbook. We cut out all the middlemen and managed every element of the item's creation ourselves, including packaging and transportation.

Fair Wages And Sustainable Production

We partner only with factories that pay fair wages to their workers and produce goods in a sustainable manner. Many of our factories are also partners in local corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Our global network of partner factories are committed

to responsible production and safe working conditions, which can reduce use of water, energy and hazardous chemicals.

Whenever possible, we use eco-friendly dyes and materials including cashmere, alpaca wool, organic cotton, organic linen and 100% recycled polyester.

We keep our carbon emissions low by shipping directly from our manufacturers. We use as little packaging as possible to reduce waste, with compostable poly bags and recycled plastic mailers.

We’re the opposite of disposable fast fashion. We design with a classic aesthetic that’s fresh regardless of time or trends. All our products are made to last (and stay out of the landfill).

A Vision For Sustainability, Accountability, Transparency & Amazing Value.

Our preference is for mid-sized family-run operations that have employed the same workforce for many years, but we also work with larger operations that employ rigorous ethical standards. Most importantly we want partners that share our vision for sustainability, accountability, transparency and delivering amazing value to our customers.

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We're always on the hunt for new expert factories. So if you'd like to get on our platform please contact us.