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Earn up to 7% back
in Quince credit
Don’t miss out. Score verified tickets to millions of events worldwide at prices within your budget, backed by a trustworthy guarantee.
Earn 7% of ticket purchase value back in Quince credit, or 2% for MLB ticket purchase. Here’s how it works.
Purchase must be made directly through this link, without accessing site from any other source, and within tracking window. Excludes taxes and shipping. Cannot be combined with other discounts or offers. Terms apply.

How it works


Click the Start Earning button above and make a purchase on the partner's site


Get Quince credit for your purchase. Your account will be credited in 1-3 days


Apply your credits at checkout to save on your next Quince order. 

More ways to earn credit


1. Why did Quince start the Partner Offers program?

We started Quince because we believed nice things are for everyone—even when it's not sold by us. Our Partner Offers program allows you to earn Quince credit and save by shopping at our favorite partner brands.

2. How does the partner offers program work?

Browse through our curated list of partners on the Quince Partner Offers page. Click on any of the links on the partner pages to be directed to a partner site. Make a qualifying purchase with any partner to earn Quince store credit. Your Quince store credit will automatically appear in your account. Note: You must either be signed in to your Quince account or provide your email, when prompted, to earn credit. Credit and terms vary by partner. Credit may take up to 3 days to appear in your account.

3. How do I earn store credit?

Click on the links ('Start Earning' buttons) on the partner pages to be redirected to a partner site. Make a qualifying purchase from the partner using that link, without accessing the partner's site from any other source, and within 7 days of clicking the link. Note: You must either be signed in to your Quince account or input your email, when prompted, to earn credit. Credit and terms vary by partner. Credit may take up to 3 days to appear in your account.

4. How much Quince credit will I get back from my purchase?

The amount of Quince credit you earn back depends on the partner from whom you purchase. For partners that offer a % back, you'll earn that % back on the amount you spend with the partner, excluding shipping and taxes. For partners that offer $ back, you'll earn that $ amount for either completing the defined action (e.g., signing up for a subscription) or making any purchase, as specified in the partner's terms.

5. I purchased from a partner but forgot to use the Quince link. Can I still get store credit?

Unfortunately, no. The links allow us to connect and confirm purchases to customers. We’re not able to offer store credit without confirmation through the link.

6. Where do I see my store credit balance?

A Quince account is required to receive store credit. You can view your store credit balance by logging in to your account and clicking My Store Credit under your name. If you don't have an account and have already earned store credit, create an account using the email address you inputted before getting redirected to the partner site, and your balance will automatically appear in your account.

7. How do I use my store credit?

To use store credit on an order, please make sure you are logged into your account. You will be asked if you would like to apply your store credit in the payment process at checkout. You will not be able to see your store credit balance unless you are logged in.

8. How long does it take to receive store credit?

After you’ve made a qualifying purchase with a partner, store credit will appear in your account in 1-3 days, depending on the partner.

9. Why didn’t I receive my store credit?

In order to receive store credit, you must access the partner site directly through the links on the Quince Partner Offers pages, without accessing the site from any other source between clicking the link and making a purchase, and within 7 days of clicking the link. The order cannot be combined with other offers or coupons, including browser plug-ins (e.g., Rakuten). The customer and purchase must meet the partner’s terms and conditions. Each partner’s terms and conditions can be found in their offer description and in the Quince Terms of Service. If you believe you should have received store credit and it’s been more than 3 days, please reach out to

10. How long do I have to use my store credit?

You may use your store credit up to 1 year after it enters your account

11. What do I do if I have an issue with my order from a Quince partner?

Please reach out directly to the partner’s customer service team.

12. How does Quince choose which partners to work with?

We look for partner brands with values similar to ours, with products and services we think our customers will love.

13. How does my company become a partner?

We’re always looking for more like-minded partners to join our program. Please reach out to to connect.

14. Any other questions?

You can contact us at with any questions, concerns, or inquiries.

want to be a partner?

If you're a like-minded brand, let's chat about how we can team up.

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