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      Leather Jewelry Travel Case

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      Beautiful and functional, this travel case is perfect to take your favorite jewelry pieces wherever you go, tangle free. The perfect size for your next weekend trip or for when you only want to pack your most-loved pieces.

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      • Materials: grain calfskin leather
      • Anti-tarnish microsuede interior lining.
      • Hardware: gold metal zipper closure
      • Four necklace hooks with pocket.
      • Six holes for earrings.
      • Produced in China
      • Responsibly sourced from a Responsible Jewellry Council (RJC) member whose standards enable fully traceable and responsibly sourced practices including ethical supply chains to uphold human rights, mitigating adverse mining and environmental impact to protect the health and safety of people and environments in systems and daily operations, as well as support community development.
      • Case size: 4 x 4 x 1.4 inches.
      • Ring holder: 0.5 x 2 inches. Recommend for regular ring sizes.

      When dirty, give it a quick wipe with a soft dry cloth; with it you can use some leather cleansing cream or a small amount of water; let water spills dry naturally.

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      1. What are the different types of leather?

      There are few different types of leather: Full-grain: the strongest and most durable leather used in many heavy-duty products Top-grain: more pliable and thinner than full-grain leather Suede: what's left behind after the top grain leather has been split away from the hide - that's why it has the fuzzy feeling Bicast: split leather backing covered with an embossed layer of polyurethane or vinyl-like those glossy shoes you see Bonded: a mix of faux and real leather

      2. Which is the best leather for handbags?

      The best leather for handbags is top grain leather, which is what our leather totes and leather crossbody bags are made from. It provides the perfect combination of a pristine look and durability to any bag.

      3. Is Italian leather the best? And what is vegetable tanning?

      Unlike other methods of leather tanning which rely on heavy use of chemicals, Italian leather artisans use only natural plant-based extracts during manufacturing. Raw hides undergo treatment in large wooden drums where they are cleansed of salts and impurities. They are then tanned with vegetable extracts and natural tannins, extracted from trees and logs that give the leather its unique characteristics. The leather is then dried to remove excess moisture before it can be crafted into the goods you know and love.

      4. What are the benefits of vegetable tanning?

      The use of natural ingredients in the vegetable tanning process has three main benefits: The process results in leather that is built to last. It is softer, more flexible, and more durable than other leathers on the market. The leather has a distinct, timeless appearance. Because it relies on natural ingredients and the care of the leather artisans, no two hides look exactly alike. The marks that you find on the leather are not imperfections but unique features of each batch of leather made. It is super easy to care for. Simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth and dry it with a clean cloth. Because goods made of Italian leather last longer and look nicer than other leather goods you may buy, Italian leather may actually be worth the investment. But, many Italian leather products command premium prices, just because they are made in Italy. It doesn’t take long to find Italian leather bags that can cost you many hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

      5. How are Quince leather bags so inexpensive?

      At Quince, we strive to connect you with the world-class artisans who utilize these techniques to produce the world’s finest leather goods. But, unlike other brands, we cut out all of the unnecessary costs. Now the decision to go with Italian leather doesn’t need to feel like such a big investment!

      6. How do I clean my leather bags?

      When dirty, give your leather tote or crossbody bag a quick wipe with a soft dry cloth. If necessary, you can use some leather cleansing cream or a small amount of water. Let water spills dry naturally.