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        Mongolian Cashmere Relaxed V-Neck Sweater

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        Take it easy—and luxuriously—in our Mongolian Cashmere Relaxed V-Neck Sweater. Its relaxed silhouette has more of an oversized fit, making it even roomier than our original. Made of Grade-A cashmere sourced from Mongolia, this effortlessly chic classic feels incredibly soft to the touch, so you can surround yourself in pure bliss.

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        • Crafted from 100% Grade-A Mongolian cashmere
        • 15.8 – 16.2 micron thickness, 12 gauge, 34-36mm fiber length creates a super soft hand feel
        • Cashmere is sourced from goats in Inner Mongolia. Read our Cashmere 101 guide to learn more about cashmere, its origin, and how to care for it
        • Made with care in China
        Ethically Produced
        100% Grade A Mongolian Cashmere
        Soft Hand Feel
        • Slightly boxy, relaxed fit with drop shoulder
        • Model is 5'10" and wearing size small in black
        • Model is 5'9" and wearing size small in ivory
        • Model is 5'9" and wearing size extra large in oatmeal

        Hand wash using cold water and neutral soap or baby shampoo. Rinse out without rubbing and lay flat to dry at room temperature, avoiding sunlight. Iron at low temperature, using pressing cloth. Do not bleach. If you prefer to dry clean, please ask for delicate detergent.

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        100% Grade-A Mongolian cashmere
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        Kay J.
        • Typical Size: L
        • Size Purchased: L

        Perfect Cashmere Sweater

        This is the perfect cashmere sweater. I have a short neck, and the V-neck style is the most flattering on me. I've got this sweater in three colors, and would love to see it in some brighter colors like pink, yellow, blue.

        Amanda F.
        • Typical Size: XS
        • Size Purchased: S

        New Favorite Go-To Sweater

        This sweater immediately became one of my favorite go-to sweaters. The cut is flattering and the slight v is flattering with a white t-shirt under as well.

        Jillian J.
        • Typical Size: S
        • Size Purchased: S

        Perfect Sweater

        I love the looser fit of this sweater, it's drapey and so comfortable, perfect for spring!

        Mary G.
        • Typical Size: M
        • Size Purchased: M

        MY SECOND ONE!

        I bought this sweater in the oatmeal color and I liked it so much that I bought another one in black which is every bit as nice as the oatmeal one. In fact, I tried it on before heading out to church and just left it on — with the tags still on! (They were tucked in in the back so they didn’t show.). I love the relaxed style and everything about the sweaters. I ordered my normal size (M) and it fits perfectly.


        Made of fabrics with a loose natural fabric structure


        High quality pieces that maintain their shape over time with minimal wear and tear


        Fine yarns mean less pilling


        Woven to feel light as air on your skin so that you never overheat


        Made of fabrics with a loose natural fabric structure


        High quality pieces that maintain their shape over time with minimal wear and tear


        Fine yarns mean less pilling


        Woven to feel light as air on your skin so that you never overheat

        Softness scale

        The ultimate in comfort with pieces ranging from supple to ultra-soft

        Ultra Soft

        Softness scale

        The ultimate in comfort with pieces ranging from supple to ultra-soft

        Ultra Soft
        Transparent pricing
        We never cut corners when it comes to quality, sustainability or fair manufacturing practices. Our prices stay low because we avoid the expenses of the traditional supply chain, including sourcing agents, warehousing, wholesaling, distribution and storefront retail.
        Crafting Cost$7.00
        Freight & Handling$13.10
        Credit card Fees$2.64
        TOTAL COST$53.24
        TOTAL COST
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        1. What's the best way to wash cashmere?

        You have a couple of options: a delicate cycle in the washer or washing by hand. We recommend a gentle hand wash with a mild soap or detergent and then an air dry. This is how to take care of cashmere to help keep its shape and make sure you’ll be loving it for years to come. 

        When it comes to how to wash cashmere, you should also avoid fabric softeners. Cashmere has this incredible knack for getting softer over time all on its own, so just do your part by not overwashing and you’ll be golden. You’ll also discover that caring for cashmere is easier than you think…it's highly breathable and you can go a number of wears before it needs a true wash. 

        2. Why is cashmere typically so expensive?

        You already know cashmere is expensive. But why is cashmere so expensive?! There are a few reasons why you see inflated price tags from our competitors—one is that they’re usually operating with less efficient business models that require big markups to cover costs. But cashmere is also a pretty rare material, since it can only be collected from goats once a year and every cashmere sweater requires a pretty substantial amount of it since the yarn is so fine. Not only that, but there’s the luxury factor—this premium fiber is incredibly soft, super warm (three times more insulating than sheep’s wool, for instance), and in demand. It’s a recipe for a cozy-but--expensive sweater, until we flipped the script with our $50 cashmere sweaters. They’re affordable, amazing quality, and available in timeless styles you’ll wear for a lifetime.

        3. How often should you wash cashmere?

        Our cashmere is Grade-A quality and made to last a lifetime with the right care. One longevity-boosting trick is to try to wear your cashmere pieces between five and six times between washes. A great sweater spray can help you pull this off—just spritz your sweater to freshen it up and let it dry before you put it away. You can buy a fabric spray at the store or DIY your own: we like a mix of 90% water and 10% vodka.

        When it is time to wash, see the question above and follow those steps.

        4. How do I keep cashmere from pilling?

        You’re not doing it wrong! Pilling is a natural byproduct of wearing (and loving!) your cashmere. We’ll recap some of the tips from questions above, because they’ll help you learn how to keep cashmere from pilling:

        Minimize washes: Try to wear a few times and refresh with a sweater spray in between. 

        Use a cashmere comb: this is your go-to tool for how to care for cashmere sweater pilling. Just brush away any developing pills with a bit of gentle pressure.

        5. How do I style cashmere sweaters?

        One of the things that makes cashmere such an amazing wardrobe essential is that it’s beyond easy to style. How to wear a cashmere sweater, you ask? It’s more of a challenge to think of how not to wear it, to be honest. Here are a few of our fave ideas for how to style a cashmere sweater, but know that no matter what, you’re going to look flawless. 

        • Add a bit of gold: Delicate earrings or a few layered necklaces play up that v-neckline or add extra polish to your cuffs. 

        • Top with a blazer or jacket: Cashmere is warm but also keeps you comfy so you won’t overheat. The fine-gauge weight is a dream to layer.

        Pair with luxe bottoms and skirts: Our favorite combination is a cashmere sweater and a silk skirt (we’re biased). But you can change the feel in a flash with a ponte pant for work and denim on your days off.