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      Level up your bed’s look with a quality quilt or quilt set.

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                                ALL YOUR QUESTIONS, ANSWERED

                                1. How do I choose the best bed sheets?

                                When it comes to how to choose the best bed sheets, it’s all a matter of personal preference and sleep tendencies. Do you sleep hot? Do you want a casual vibe? Is your priority a luxury feel? Luckily, whatever ‘best bed sheets’ means to you, we have a collection to recommend. 

                                2. How do I layer bedding?

                                Looking to cozy up your bed or make your bedroom feel like a five-star escape? Whatever your goal is, there’s just one thing you need to know: how to layer bedding. First, you’ll need a fab sheet set that suits your needs (think benefits like hypoallergenic material, luxury feel, or temperature regulating). Add a duvet cover with a fluffy insert (go for a warm goose down or a plush down alternative). Then layer another blanket on, and for visual interest, choose something in a contrasting texture—a quilt, a cashmere throw, or a chunky knit blanket, for example. Finally, add lots of pillows in coordinating shams for the finishing detail.

                                3. What’s a good thread count?

                                The short answer: it’s all relative. A high thread count isn’t always an indicator of quality bedding (sometimes it’s even inflated by using thinner, weaker threads). Thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads in one square inch of woven fabric. Generally the higher the thread count, the more tightly the fabric is woven; the lower the thread count, the more loosely it’s woven. Knit sheets, like jersey, measure tightness through gauge, instead of thread count. So, what is a good thread count for cotton sheets?

                                Instead of quality, it’s better to think of thread count as an indicator of the tactile properties of bedding and their associated benefits. Sheets with a higher thread count, like sateen, are more tightly woven, so they have a silkier, smoother surface that’s less prone to wrinkles. A higher thread count is also more insulating, so these are generally better for cold sleepers. Sheets with a lower thread count, like percale, are more loosely woven, giving them a crisp feel and a natural breathability that’s ideal for hot sleepers. Bottom line: Take thread count into consideration, but know that it’s not the end-all in your bedding search. Start exploring all your options with our Deluxe Bedding Bundles.

                                4. What bed sizes do your sheets fit?

                                We’ve got it all covered when it comes to what bed sizes our sheets fit: The twin bedding you need for your kids’ rooms. The full or queen size bedding for the guest room. The luxury, high-end king or cal king bedding your primary bedroom requires. Narrow down your bedding search by choosing a material for your sheets, duvet, or pillowcases—think mulberry silk, European linen, or bamboo sheets, for instance—and you’ll naturally find your way to the right fit based on your bed size. Bedding for deep mattresses included!

                                5. Are your bedding and sheets organic?

                                Wondering what are organic sheets? We know how important it is to offer more sustainable bedding choices that are made without harmful chemicals or pesticides and that have a lower environmental impact. Our organic bedding collections are made of natural materials that are certified by third parties (think STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® ) to be free of toxins you never want to snuggle up next to. That’s why so much of our bedding range is crafted with organic materials. Here are a few to start exploring now: Organic Cotton Bedding, Luxury Organic Sateen Bedding, Classic Organic Percale Bedding, Organic Bamboo Bedding, and Luxury Organic Flannel Bedding.

                                6. What is a duvet?

                                Maybe you grew up in a home that used nothing but comforters or quilts. So you may be wondering, what is a duvet, actually? A duvet is a cozy down or synthetic-filled blanket designed to be inserted into an easily washable duvet cover, like a big pillowcase. The benefit is that the bulkier interior blanket needs to be washed less often since there’s less skin contact. While some people use a flat sheet underneath, others prefer to sleep with just the covered duvet on top.

                                The other nice thing about duvet covers: you can switch up the fabric to match the season. Think super cozy flannel duvet cover in winter or a temperature regulating linen in warmer weather.